At Yvon Building Supply we offer a splendid selection of steel products that display unbeatable durability and performance. Partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the field, our company offers top-notch steel products at competitive prices. You simply won’t be able to access a selection this comprehensive at regular store shelves! Some of the exemplary steel products that we carry include:

Light Gauge Stud & Tack

Bailey Non-Loadbearing Stud & Track is a fantastic alternative to traditional framing materials. Easy-to-install, non-combustible, and affordable, these quality steel products are guaranteed to perform. Bailey steel studs and tracks are available in 1 ⅝’’, 2 ½’’, 3 ⅝’’, and 6’’ sizes.

Heavy Gauge Stud & Tack

We also carry stronger studs and tracks that are engineered for heavy-duty uses such as ceiling joists, curtain walls, load-bearing walls, and more. These products are made from galvanized steel and can be as thick as 97mils (12ga).

Steel Angles

Depending on your needs, we offer steel trims with varying angles. The D500 and the D700 angle trims are good for finishing 90º drywall edges while our 130º angle trims are designed for external corner construction use. If your project requires steel trims of any specific angle, our products can be manipulated to meet various design criteria.

Flat Steel

We carry excellent flat steel bars that offer solid performance and strong durability that will add an extra layer of strength to your structure.


Suitable for both interior and exterior use, our Z-bars are available in steel thickness up to 68 mils (14ga) and insulation thickness of 1-½’’ X 2’’. Z-bars can reliably hold rigid insulation in place while providing a surface for fastening finishing materials.

Shaftwall Steel

ClarkDietrich shaftwall steel products offer a unique C-T stud and J-Tabbed track system that allows amazing flexibility. These shaftwall systems are fire-resistant, lightweight, quick to install, and cost-efficient.


Made with zinc-coated steel, metal trims manufactured by Bailey® Metal Products Ltd. are simply unbeatable when it comes to sturdiness and durability. These metal trims provide excellent compound adhesion and can be applied with nails or screws. Depending on what your project entails, these trims can also be cut and shaped to fit your exact needs.

Bridging Clips

We carry an assortment of Bailey Universal Bridging Clips that are easy-to-install, cost-effective, and pre-punched. Additional holes in these bridging clips allow the clip to be highly versatile in terms of which connector it can be used with.


Everything you might need during your construction or renovation project, big or small, we have them all here for your convenience. From nails and screws to drywall tapes and more, access our full library of products to be fully prepared for your upcoming project!

Paper Beads

Platinum® paper-faced drywall trims manufactured by Baileys are resistant against corrosion, cracking, and other damages and displays amazing strength even with minimal compound use. Easy to adjust during application, you will be able to create a clean and perfect corner that will last for many years. Variations are available in many different sizes in order to cater to all kinds of needs.

All of our vendors are carefully selected using our industry-leading quality and safety standards. Visit our photo gallery to take a look at some of the most beautiful projects completed using our stellar products. If you need any professional help installing any of our products, we are also happy to connect you with some of the best contractors in the area that will provide all of the services you may require. Discuss your needs with our dedicated professionals and enjoy a hassle-free delivery right to your door in no time flat! Our service locations currently include the following areas as well as many others:

Don’t forget to check out our other fantastic lineup of supplies including drywall, compounds, insulation, acoustical ceilings, fasteners, accessories, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), Trusscore, Trimtex, plywood, sheet lead, security mesh, and much more! For careers information, delivery estimates, or any other inquiries regarding our services, please contact us at Yvon Building Supply today. We are always delighted to help.

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